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We Are Infinity

Infinity Sales Group markets products and services for its Fortune 200 partners. Using targeted direct response campaigns, we get the right offers in front of the right consumers—what they want, when they want it. That's the secret to our retail success.

We manage our business in real time to drive optimal conversion and attachment rates. We are a team of goal driven professionals with a laser focus on results.

Within its first two years of growth, Infinity Sales Group became the largest authorized DISH® satellite television retailer in North America. Based on customer acquisition and subscriber retention, we are DISH's top retail partner, marketing and selling products and services to homeowners and businesses nationwide.

“Infinity Is A Great Place To Work”

I have been employed at Infinity Sales Group 5+ years, working as an agent for 3.5 years and as General Manager of the training department for over 2 years. When I started at Infinity I had two years of sales experience but was eager and motivated to sell a product that consumers not only wanted but needed. After 3.5 years of continual improvement, and as one of the top sales agents, I was offered the opportunity to co-run the training division. Virtually all sales and training management positions are filled by employees who began their employment at Infinity as sales agents. As one of two general managers of training I oversee the entire training process for DISH sales agents.

Much of what I do consists of teaching the sales techniques I learned and developed to new trainees so they may accomplish the same successes I achieved. All product knowledge is taught from an applicable sales perspective and agents are given every advantage and opportunity possible to produce the day they hit the sales floor. The opportunity afforded to me by Infinity Sales Group is endless and there is continual room for growth.

Nick Dormans
general sales manager - learning and development


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